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Advent and Christmas Worship

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  • communionSunday, Nov 30, 9:30 AM- Celebrating the start of Advent
  • Sunday, Dec 7, 9:30 AM- Communion worship service celebrating the 2nd Sunday of Advent
  • xmas-pageant-wise-guy(man)Sunday, Dec. 14, 9:30AM- Worship service plus the children’s Christmas Program--creative inspiration

  • Sunday, Dec. 21, 3:00 PM- "Let There be Light" worship service for those for whom Christmas is not a happy time
Christmas candlelight child and dad
  • Wednesday, Dec 24 (Christmas Eve)-candlelight n Silent Night music
  • 5:30 PM - Family Service - Beautiful candlelight worship with our lovely handbells.  Child-friendly hour
  • 7:30 PM- Lessons & Carols - Beautiful candlelight worship with senior choir.  Quiet and meditative for adults


Senior Choir: Where and When

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Written by a choir member

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Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!  Come into his presence with singing! Our new Music Director has been chosen!

Everyone is very happy to welcome Marty Wirt, the musician who has played for us as a supstitute organist this summer.  He plays keyboard and other percussion with the Coast Guard Band!  

With this new Director, now is a great time to be in the choir!  All are welcome; add your voice to the joyful noise.  The senior choir is a friendly group of men and women who love to contribute their talents to become an integral part of Sunday worship. 

Practice is held on Thursday evenings during the school year from 7:30-8:30.  Sr-choir-w-violin-(distance)We have a special room for our choirs (senior, youth, and handbell) upstairs from the lobby with the slate floor.  It's called the "Dot Clark Music Room" in memory of our energetic, fun-loving former organist.  Dot was our much-loved organist for more than 50 years!

The choir sings at the 9:30 worship service on Sundays during the school year.  Sometimes instrumentalists join the organ or keyboard for an especially "joyful noise".  We cordially invite you to join with us.


The Why

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Written by Neitzsche

"He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how." 

- Nietzsche


Belles & Beaux, Bell Choir Schedule

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Written by bell choir member


bells-with-musicEach Thursday evening from 6:15-7:15, we rehearse our music.  We play in church once/month. Sometimes we play twice in a month, or play two pieces in one worship service.  In addition, we play on the important services of Christmas Eve, Palm Sunday and Easter.

Although we take the summer off, some of us may play a piece for "special music" during worship in July or August.  Our fearless leader, Deb Betz, is talented and entertaining; we all have a lot of fun

There's a place ready here for you.  We'd love to have you with us!


A One-Minute Spiritual Exercise

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Written by CB

branch-and-the-blue-blue-sk"Sit as comfortably as you can, letting your legs and arms relax. Place one hand on your abdomen...breathe slowly, your hand rising and falling, for one minute. ...Attempt to focus on the presence of God as you relax.  Survey your surroundings as you breathe, and know that Christ is present with you in this very place; you do not need to look anywhere else to find him."


- excerpt from Right Here, Right Now:  Spiritual Exercises for Busy Christians, by Dr. Carstens and Rev. Mahedy"

The exercise above is the first one-minute exercise described in this book, and it is my favorite.  When I do this, I feel great awe at the fact that God is right there! And hand-in hand with that comes tremendous peace, knowing that I can lean on God if I need to.  No matter how busy we are, we can spare 1 minute.  This is a very good book, and it's in our church library.  I hope you'll try this exercise, and may the peace of God be with you.